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“failure to prepare, is preparing to fail”

“failure to prepare, is preparing to fail”

User 2634923 May 2013 - 12:05
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What you do, and more importantly don’t, need in your kit bag for a day of Sevens

What to have in your bag:

Playing Kit

Boots & Mouth-guard

Tracksuit bottoms


Loose fitting T-Shirt – try to change after every game that you can. Get your playing top off, it will make you feel better

Beanie (To every tournament – Hot or Cold) – England 7’s have realised the best way to cool the body down at half time is to put on a beanie that has been soaked in ice throughout the first half.

Baseball Cap – When it’s really hot and sunny

Sun Cream

Change of clothes – If the weather takes a turn for the worse


Loose fitting Trainers – Like with the t-shirt, take off your boots and wear these, much better for your feet and circulation.


Water – 2 – 3 Litres


Protein Shake – take at the end of the day (after your last game)

Protein – Chicken/ Turkey/ Beef

Carbohydrates – Rice/ Cous Cous/ Quinoa / Vegetables

Hummus and Raw Veg

What you don’t really want to be packing:





*Jaffa Cakes

Red Bull

*Lucozade/ Gatorade/ PoweradeCrisps/ Biscuits

Flip Flops – theories have emerged that flip flops can lead to ankle and Achilles problems.

*These are only acceptable for the final game. No snacking on these throughout the tournament. If you’re going to have Red bull before a final – have a Red bull Shot.

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